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Cleaning leather saddlebags

December 27, 2018 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

Many bikers prefer leather saddlebags because of its durability and designs, but these bags are prone to the elements. Thus, care and maintenance are imperative, if not, you may just lose your precious bag. It is important to note that covering your bag with a motorcycle cover when your bike is parked helps. It prevents the sun and rain from causing damage to your bag.

To clean leather saddlebags you will need two microfiber towels, lukewarm water, leather shampoo, and leather conditioner. First, dampen one microfiber towel with lukewarm water, then pour a good amount of shampoo on the damp towel. Rub the shampoo into the saddlebag, paying attention to areas with excessive stains and dirt. When you are done, follow the instruction on the shampoo to know whether a rinse is necessary or not.

To the second towel, pour an ample amount of conditioner, rub-in with a smooth rubbing motion. The leather will begin to look and feel soft. Allow the conditioner to penetrate for some minutes before you wipe off with the dry part of the towel. Apply another round of conditioner if the weather still feels dry. You will notice your leather saddlebags have a new look.

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Things to consider before buying a waterproof atv saddle bag

December 13, 2018 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

With the increasing usage of motorcycles, saddlebags have become a necessity not a luxury. The overall criteria your waterproof ATV saddle bag must meet is security. It should provide security for both you and your luggage. You may see so many cheaper saddlebags, but if a bag does not meet this fundamental criteria, its not worth your time.

Meanwhile, your waterproof ATV saddle bag should provide a complete solution. Three things make up a complete solution and a rider you must know these. First is the ability for the bag to be mounted. To do this, the bag has to have mounting hardware. It is not ok to tie your waterproof ATV saddle bag to your back fender. This can cause serious accident and even damage your fender. The next point is the ability to lock the bag. You would want peace of mind whenever you are away from your bike right?

The last is ease of access. When you need to, you would want to access your items easily. Quick release buckles takes care of that. Some bags will require that you unbuckle and buckle before getting to your stuff. Instead, choose ones that are really easier to access.

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