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Learn About The Benefits Of A Motorcycle Cargo Net

January 15, 2019 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

Although there is still an ongoing debate about the differences between a motorcycle cargo net and a bungee cord, these two are not similar. When carrying gear or equipment on your motorcycle it is always advisable to use the cargo net. This is because of the numerous benefits offered by the cargo net. The bungee cord is just a single cord that you will be required to tie to different parts of the bike for you to secure your luggage. However, the net secures each and every part of the cargo safely onto the bike.

Bungee cords are usually designed to secure and absorb shock when the motorcycle is on the move. However, when it comes to containing or securing bulky or oddly shaped cargo, the motorcycle cargo net is highly recommended. You do not have to struggle to ensure that the net has gone over each part of the luggage as is the norm with the bungee cord. Once it is fastened onto the motorcycle’s frame you are good to go.

If you were wondering whether to buy a motorcycle cargo net or a bungee cord, you definitely have the right answer by now. The net offers more benefits than the cord and it is easy and safe to use as opposed to the bungee cord.

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Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag: For The Avid Biker

January 9, 2019 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

Motorcycle enthusiasts and people who enjoy long motorcycle rides agree with me that the right motorcycle luggage is what you need the most before during and even after a long ride. of course this is apart from the motorcycle itself. The sheer knowledge that all your essentials are safe and well secured on your motorcycle is the peace of mind you need while on the road. Including a motorcycle sissy bar bag is one of the best ways of ensuring that you get that extra space you need to store your valuables.

Although some people would argue that saddlebags are adequate enough, adding a motorcycle sissy bar bag to you motorcycle can make a huge difference as far as the storage space is concerned. Sissy bar bags are easy to remove whenever you want to remove them from your motor bike. They make your work easier especially at night after a very long and tiresome ride. You can also use them as suitcases.

A motorcycle sissy bar bag is a must-have item for that biker who wants to make a statement and at the same time enjoy the functionality of the bag. This bag is durable, strong and versatile. You will never go wrong with these bags.

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