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Finding Xelement saddlebags and Other gear

December 13, 2019 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

Thank you for coming by the blog today. In this version of the blog we will be talking about Xelement saddlebags and some others to see if any of them fit your needs. Even though the winter is here and is in full effect, you still need to get out and ride sometimes. We want to be able to protect our gear too. Many of you want to be able to have some great saddlebags that not only protect their gear but also look great, too. That is why we will be taking a look at some saddlebags and showing off some of their great features and what they can do for you. The first saddlebag we look at is from Xelement and is their Xelement XS535 ‘Expedition’ leather sissy bar roll bag. It comes with a waterproof and rain proof cover and has plenty of room to carry your clothes and gloves or whatever else you want to put in this sissy bar roll bag. It can be yours for under $70.

Xelement saddle bags are not that hard to find. They are sold at many places including Amazon and are easy to find via Google. If you are having trouble finding some, follow the link above to be taken to a page that has them. A great deal for our readers. The second saddle bags we look at are the Xelement X646ZB zip-off PVC studded throw over saddlebag. This bag is well made and built to withstand the tough rigors of riding on a motor cycle. These have a great amount of space and look good on any bike. Their design allows them to be sleek and sharp while still retaining their ability to hold gear. It features heat protection and quick releases straps for easy offload. It also installs very easily. This one is a bit pricey but for the way it looks and how much space it has, it is truly a bargain at $90. Whichever ones you choose, you will add a great addition to your collection.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and thanks for reading. We hope that you found some useful information and will come back and visit soon. We post blogs on a regular basis so stop by again soon. If you decide to get any of these saddlebags you should take a picture and share it with us. We love to hear from our friends and readers.

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