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Why should you Cover your Bike?

February 13, 2020 12:12 am
posted by GatheringMotorcycleGear

You finally got the two-wheeler you had been eyeing for a while. Whether you chose it for economical reasons or the experience it provides, your scooter will offer you companionship for a while to come, if you keep it maintained, that is. While we all know the importance of wearing helmets to protect our head from injury, we neglect the fact that our bikes need covers too, for protection of their own! While you may be sitting comfortably at home when it’s raining outside, your scooter could be taking the brunt of rain and wind. With a protective scooter cover, you can ensure your precious drive remains safe even in extreme weather conditions. If you thought your scooter was only vulnerable in thunderstorms, think again! Prolonged exposure to the sun can also harm your scooters without adequate protection.

Another big dilemma for bike owners is the fear of thieves and thugs who are looking for an opportunity to steal a bike or its parts to sell. Most small time thieves roaming around the streets are opportunists. The moment they see an uncovered bike, they will jump at the chance to steal it. However, the cover on the bike is an added impediment for the robbers who are in a hurry. It would take time to take the whole cover off, and the commotion will attract attention, more often than not saving your scooter from theft.

If you plan to upgrade to another model later, your bike that has withstood rough handling might not be in the best of conditions to be resold at a good price. Now imagine that you religiously covered your bike every time you parked it somewhere. This way, stray cats were not able to scratch the bike. The scooter dodged bird droppings. The destruction from nearby tree branches or twigs falling on the bike, since we usually tend to park under the shade of trees, was avoided. When you sell a bike in pristine condition, you’re bound to get a better price. It is imperative every bike owner invests in a scooter cover that will lend their bike protection from outside elements. Scooter covers come in different colors, designs, and materials so you can choose one that is specific to the weather conditions in the area you reside. If rain is your biggest threat, get a waterproof cover. You can even get a scooter cover customized for your bike.

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