Using Motorcycle Luggage to Store Oft Forgotten Motorcycle Gear

open road luggage 3-11-16Most bikers on the road these days take precautions to ensure a comfortable ride and protect themselves in the event of a crash. Helmets, jackets, gloves and boots have become the standard uniform for bikers of all stripes. One part of the body, however, is often left exposed: the legs.

While jeans may seem like adequate covering, the fabric is breathable and tears easily, leaving your legs cold and unprotected if you crash. The best bet for cyclists is to invest in a pair of leather motorcycle chaps. Leather is a strong, impermeable fabric, offering protection for the wind and cold, as well as from scratches and burns in a spill. Since chaps can easily be put on over your pants, and stored in your motorcycle luggage when you reach your destination, they are also quite convenient.

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