A Large Sissy Bar Bag Provides Great Storage For Long Distances

I love going on some longer trips on my bike. It is refreshing to go on a longer bike ride and I can always find a reason to go on one of these rides to the coast or across the state. My girlfriend and I love to explore and it has been great to explore with her. We went down to the Oregon coast recently and we stayed at a beach house and it was so much fun to take the bike down there.

Having a great storage bag for my luggage is really important. I love having some great storage with the bag that I have been using. It is a sissy bar bag that gives me tons of storage space and it is ideal for those longer journeys. This bag has been great for giving me the convenience that I want to have when on my bike.

The large sissy bar bag that I have been using has worked well for some weekend trips and for staycations as well. My girlfriend and I love to do a staycation and to stay at a hotel here in the city every once in a while. We can take my bike there and enjoy being away from our noisy apartments and enjoy a luxury hotel room to ourselves.

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